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Cabarrus County Arrest Records

In Cabarrus County, arrest records provide details of persons taken into custody. Law enforcement agencies are legally eligible to conduct arrests in the county, and such arrests may be made to prevent or investigate crimes.

The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office records all arrests conducted within the county. Furthermore, the agency releases arrest records to public members and other agencies. As such, citizens may find Cabarrus County arrest records in other public documents. For example, Cabarrus County Court Records and criminal records may contain arrest information. Record seekers may also find arrest records in criminal background checks and inmate records.

Are Arrest Records Public in Cabarrus County?

Record seekers can find and obtain arrest records in Cabarrus County. The North Carolina Public Records Act governs the maintenance and release of public documents and empowers specific government agencies to generate and issue public records. For instance, the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office is the primary custodian of arrest records.

The law also dictates which records are publicly accessible or confidential. Confidential or exempt arrest records may contain data that violates an individual's right to security or privacy. For example, it restricts access to crime victims’ information.

Other exempt arrest records in Cabarrus County include the following:

  • Arrest documents contain witness statements, surveillance, laboratory tests, and photographs.
  • Documents created by law enforcement agencies to monitor, anticipate, or prevent potential violations of the law
  • Arrest records are classified as exempt under state or federal statutes or court orders.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Per Chapter 132-1.4, Cabarrus County’s public arrest records must contain the following details:

  • Record the subject's name and personal details like address, sex, and age.
  • The arrest details may include the time and location of the arrest. They may also provide further information on pursuit, resistance, or the use of firearms.
  • A written transcript of emergency calls made to the law enforcement agency.
  • The offense description including the name, location, and time.
  • Law enforcement officers’ communications that were broadcast over public airways.

Cabarrus County Crime Rate

Per North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigations, Cabarrus County reported 3,064 index crimes in 2022. The report provides information on index crimes like murder, rape, larceny, burglary, and aggravated assaults. Per the report, larceny and motor vehicle theft were the most recurring crimes at 2,118 and 329, respectively.

Cabarrus County Arrest Statistics

Per the NCSBI, Cabarrus County's law enforcement agencies reported 3,064 arrests in 2022, of which 472 charges were cleared. To break it down, 30.8% and 13.9 % of violent and property-type crimes were cleared, respectively.

In contrast, North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety maintains reports on incarceration rates in Cabarrus County. According to the report, the county's correctional facilities housed 3,151 inmates between 2020 and 2021.

Find Cabarrus County Arrest Records

Cabarrus County arrest records are available through state and federal resources. Record seekers may start their search by viewing inmate records maintained by these agencies. North Carolina's Department of Corrections maintains an Offender Locator portal for all inmates, parolees, and probationers. You can obtain inmate records by filling out these details:

  • Offender's name and other identifying features like sex, gender, and ethnicity.
  • Age range
  • Inmate number.

In contrast, the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides a national-level database for inmate records. Record seekers must search by inmate name or inmate-identifying number to view arrest records on the platform.

The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office is also an important resource for finding arrest and inmate records. Interested parties may use the sheriff's inmate inquiry database to view current inmates in the county jail. The database provides arrest information, docket numbers, and mugshots.

The county sheriff also maintains a search portal for Cabarrus County arrest reports. To obtain the records, record seekers must provide the offender's name, arrest date, and location.

Free Arrest Record Search in Cabarrus County

In Cabarrus County, government agencies provide free access to arrest records in different forms. Cabarrus County's Sheriff provides free access to arrest records via an inmate inquiry portal and arrest report database. Other free resources for finding arrest records include:

  • NCDAC's online inmate search portal
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate search database.

Third-party search sites are an alternative option for accessing free arrest records in Cabarrus County. However, these sites are not substitutes for official sources since they may contain incomplete data.

Get Cabarrus County Criminal Records

Criminal records in Cabarrus County contain conviction history and arrest information. You can find and obtain criminal records from these agencies:

  • North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigations
  • Cabarrus County's superior court clerk.

The superior court clerk's office issues criminal record copies to record subjects and authorized third-party requesters. To obtain the records, requesters must send a completed request letter and a $25 fee via mail or in-person to:

Physical address
61 Union Street South
Concord, NC 28025

Mailing address
Cabarrus County Courthouse
P.O. Box 70
Concord, NC 28026

In contrast, NC’s State Bureau of Investigation maintains a fingerprint-based search for criminal records. Record subjects can obtain a copy of their record via these steps:

  1. Visit your local law enforcement agency to get fingerprinted. The agency must take your fingerprints on an FD-258 fingerprint card. You must verify your identity by presenting a valid ID to the agency.
  2. Fill out your details on the card.
  3. Next, complete the Right to Review form.
  4. Attach a $14 search fee to the forms. For mail requests, use a money order made payable to the NC State Bureau of Investigations
  5. Send the required documents via mail or in person to:

NC State Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Information and Identification Section
Attention: Civilian Services Unit — Right to Review
Post Office Box 29500
Raleigh, NC 27626-0500

Cabarrus County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

In Cabarrus County, arrest records differ from criminal records in these aspects:

Law enforcement agencies are primarily responsible for creating arrest records. However, multiple agencies create criminal records. In Cabarrus County, the courts and the sheriff's office are responsible for creating criminal records.

Regarding content, arrest records contain information on arrest charges, the record subject's details, and the arrest description. However, criminal records contain arrest records, court case records, and inmate information.

Unlike criminal records, arrest records do not indicate if the subject is guilty of the offense.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

In Cabarrus County, arrest charges will indefinitely stay on your records. However, you can remove arrest charges by expunging or sealing them. Note that there are specific processes for expunging arrest records in the county.

Expunge Cabarrus County Arrest Records

You can expunge arrest records by filing a petition with the county court. The court will then hold a hearing on the petition. If you are legally eligible, the court will grant your request and order government agencies to expunge the records.

Who is eligible to expunge arrest records in Cabarrus County?

Per North Carolina's Second Chance Act, Cabarrus County residents can expunge arrest records under these conditions:

  • If you were charged with a felony or misdemeanor before December 1, 1999,
  • If the charges were dismissed,
  • If the court dismissed the conviction or passed a not-guilty verdict on or after December 1, 2021,

When can I expunge arrest records in Cabarrus County?

Per NC Section © § 15A-145.5, you can expunge arrest records immediately after the charges are dismissed. However, there's a set timeframe if a criminal charge leads to a conviction. For non-violent misdemeanors, you must file a petition five years after the conviction date, active sentence, or post-release supervision. However, you must wait seven years to expunge more than one non-violent misdemeanor case.

For nonviolent felonies, you may need to wait for ten years after the conviction date, active sentence, or post-release supervision.

How can I expunge arrest records in Cabarrus County?

Residents can expunge arrest records in Cabarrus County through these steps:

  1. Create a petition that contains the following documents and information:
    1. An affidavit from the petitioner stating that the petitioner has not been convicted of a misdemeanor or crime within the set timeframe after conviction.
    2. Notarized affidavits from two persons who are not related to the petitioner. The affidavit must state that the petitioner maintained good character in the community.
    3. An application to authorize a name-based criminal background search by the state's Bureau of Investigation. You may use the Right to Review Form to request a copy of your criminal record.
    4. An affidavit signed by the petitioner stating that there are no outstanding payments or fines from civil judgments.
  2. File the petition with Cabarrus County's superior court clerk.
  3. The clerk will then present the petition to the district attorney of the court that handles the case. Upon receiving the petition, the district attorney has up to 30 days to file an objection.
  4. If there are no objections, the court will conduct a hearing to get more details about the record subject.
  5. Next, the court will issue an order to expunge the record if the petitioner meets the legal requirements.

Which arrest charges cannot be expunged in Cabarrus County?

In Cabarrus County, you cannot expunge violent-type misdemeanors and felonies.

Cabarrus County Arrest Warrants

In Cabarrus County, arrest warrants are official documents that authorize law enforcement agencies to arrest people named in the document. The court judge may issue arrest warrants to enforce a court order or to detain suspected offenders. Arrest warrants in Cabarrus County will generally contain information on the following:

  • The arrested person's name and aliases
  • Charge description
  • Court judge's name and signature
  • Arrest warrant date.

Cabarrus County Arrest Warrant Search

You can find active arrest warrants at the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office. To view active warrants, you may visit the county sheriff at:

30 Corban Ave Southeast
Concord, NC 28025
Phone: (704) 920-3000

On the other hand, North Carolina's Administrative Office of the Courts maintains an online repository for active arrest warrants. Nevertheless, only court and law enforcement officers can access the portal.

Do Cabarrus County Arrest Warrants Expire?

In Cabarrus County, arrest warrants generally do not expire and will remain on your criminal record. Furthermore, the warrant does not expire even after the crime's statute of limitations has elapsed. That said, arrest warrants may expire under these conditions:

  • The defendant is arrested or fulfills the conditions stated in the warrant.
  • The court cancels the warrant
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