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Iredell County Court Records

Iredell County court records refer to all files generated by or submitted to a court clerk regarding legal proceedings within the county's judicial system. These documents include motions, pleas, judgments, exhibits, transcripts, and orders. They are organized and searchable by case or docket numbers.

Court records exist in various formats, such as paper, audio and video recordings, and photographs. They are official documentation of the court's activities and help the public stay abreast of its actions and decisions.

In Iredell County, North Carolina, court records are used for various purposes, including journalism, genealogical, and legal research. The information accessed through a court record search includes case details, case status, case type, arrest records, and sentencing information.

Are Court Records Public in Iredell County?

Pursuant to Chapter 132, Section 1 of the North Carolina General Statutes, Iredell County court records are classified as public records. Unless specifically provided by law or restricted by court order, courts must make all court records in their custody available to interested parties upon request.

Publicly available court records, as defined in the North Carolina Public Records Law, do not include certain court administrative records, such as personnel records, security procedures, and sensitive financial information. Furthermore, requesters may access records for free unless a fee is required to cover the cost of retrieval or reproduction of a record.

The aforementioned statute also outlines conditions under which specific public records may be classified as non-public or confidential. Certain court records may be restricted from public view to protect legitimate interests, confidentiality, or privacy. Non-public court records include the following:

  • Sealed records
  • Criminal case records filed in a case where a defendant was proven innocent of an alleged crime
  • Court records containing juvenile information
  • Mental health information
  • Private exchanges of information, like those between a lawyer and a client
  • Security-related information.

Iredell County Court Records Search

There are several options for performing an Iredell County court records search. They include:

  • The office of the clerk of the court where the case of interest was filed
  • Courthouse websites (for courts that have a website)
  • Online databases managed by third-party information service providers.

Iredell County Court Records Search by Name

Most Iredell County court records can be searched by name at the office of the custodian or using its online resources. Record requestors who know the name of a party in the case of interest may submit such names at the clerk's office at the presiding court to retrieve related court records. A requestor may have to furnish the custodian with additional case specifics, such as a filing or hearing date, to aid the search process.

Name-based searches done through this method usually require a written request and are typically free. However, a fee may be required for certified record copies, record copying, and to expedite the retrieval of certain records that are not readily available. Note that certain parties, including case parties, attorneys, and government agencies, are exempt from paying certain fees or are eligible for fee reductions or waivers based on specified criteria.

Alternatively, record seekers may perform name-based searches on court websites or third-party online search portals. Search parameters to use include the name of a plaintiff, defender, or attorney in the case of interest. While court websites are generally accessible for free, third-party websites usually charge a fee for access to records.

For access to complete records, an in-person search at the court clerk's office is recommended. Before a visit to the courthouse, contact the clerk's office or look up their website to confirm the availability of the sought records and the applicable requirements for access.

Iredell County Courts

The Iredell County court system comprises two primary courts: the district and superior courts. While this county does not have designated family, probate, or juvenile courts, the county's district courts have jurisdiction over these and many other criminal and civil case types. The address and contact information of the county's courthouses are as follows:

Iredell County Superior Court
Iredell County Hall of Justice
226 Stockton Street
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: (704) 832-6600
Fax: (704) 832-6601


Iredell County District Court
221 East Water Street
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: (704) 832-6600, (704) 664-1118
Fax: (704) 832-6601

Iredell County Superior Court Case Search

Interested persons may perform Iredell County Superior Court case searches at the court's clerk's office. The Iredell County Superior Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction, handling serious criminal offenses and civil cases involving more than $25,000 in damages. It also handles family, estate, adoption, and probate matters.

The Clerk of the Superior Court maintains the court's records. While the clerk's office does not provide remote access to court records on its website, inquirers may submit a general public records request online. To use this online tool, requesters must own an account on the site. To create an account on this site, the user must provide their name and address information. For in-person record inspections, visit the clerk's office at the courthouse.

Iredell County District Court Records

The Iredell County District Court is a trial court of limited jurisdiction. While this court handles both criminal and civil matters, it is limited to less serious criminal offenses, such as misdemeanors, and civil disputes involving less than $25,000 in damages. It also hears divorce, juvenile delinquency, child custody, and other domestic relations cases.

Iredell County District Court does not provide online access to its records. As such, the only means for accessing the District Court case records is by visiting the clerk's office during business hours.

Iredell County Criminal Records

Iredell County criminal records are available through the North Carolina Judicial Branch. Inquirers may request these records for $25.00 per subject. Similarly, the Iredell County Sheriff's Office provides public access to arrest information for persons in custody. This service is free and available online.

Meanwhile, police departments for various municipalities in the county also maintain certain records that are not obtainable from the sheriff's office. To obtain records from any police department, contact the records unit of the concerned police department and submit a formal records request. The request should contain specifics about the record of interest, such as the location, date, and type of crime, as well as the names of any involved parties. In addition, a record requester may have to provide a means of identification and pay any applicable processing fees. Depending on the agency, there may be a waiting period for the request to be processed.

Iredell County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Iredell County courts maintain records for all criminal court cases. The county's superior and district courts do not have a searchable online database for these records. However, interested parties may access the needed records via any of the following methods:

  • Contact the clerk's office and provide case specifics, such as the defendant's name or case number.
  • Peruse online databases provided on third-party websites using party name and/or case number as search parameters.

Certain criminal court records are subject to restrictions and other limitations by state law. As a result, such records may be unavailable for public access or have certain portions redacted.

Get Iredell County Civil Court Records

In Iredell County, civil court cases are handled by both the district and superior courts. Proceedings considered civil court cases are those on divorce, small claims, personal injury, contract disputes, family law, and probate. The clerk of the court where the case was heard is the primary custodian of records on the case. They are also responsible for making them available upon request by any member of the public.

A court clerk also reserves the authority to deny access to a record if disclosure of the said record violates a restrictive court order. Also, access to records subject to limitations provided by statute is generally restricted. Interested record seekers should visit the office of the clerk of the originating court (where a civil case was filed) with case specifics, mainly the case number and party named in a case, to request records.

Iredell County Family Court Records

Iredell County does not have a designated family court. All family law cases are typically handled by the Iredell County District Court. While the county superior court may handle family law disputes, its jurisdiction is limited to complex family law cases, and those appealed from the district court.

Records for child support, domestic violence, divorce, marriage dissolution, child custody, and other family-related cases are available at the district courthouse. The court clerk maintains these records and makes them available for requesters. However, in North Carolina, the availability of family court records varies depending on the circumstances surrounding a case. Third parties with a legitimate interest in non-public family case records should follow the stipulated procedures established by the court to obtain access authorization.

Contact the district court clerk to confirm the record's availability and access procedures. For publicly available family case records, a record seeker may submit the name of the party and the case or the case number to the record custodian.

Iredell Dissolution of Marriage Records

Iredell County's dissolution of marriage records encompasses all records on divorces, marriage annulments, and separations. These records can be obtained from the court that presided over the marriage dissolution.

Iredell County Marriage and Divorce Records

The clerk of the court where a marriage or divorce was registered is the primary entity responsible for creating and maintaining related records and facilitating public access to such records. The County Register of Deeds also maintains marriage records and other vital records but does not allow online access to them. For remote state-wide searches, visit the North Carolina Vital Records website.

Depending on the policies of the custodial agency in charge of a record, individuals are typically required to provide the following details when seeking records:

  • Names of the parties
  • The date of the marriage or divorce
  • Identifying information about the parties named in the record, such as a date of birth or social security number.

Interested parties may submit a record request containing details, such as the names of the involved parties and the date of marriage/divorce, to the office of the relevant court clerk or register of deeds. Contact the register of deeds or other record custodians for guidance on obtaining records from their offices. Public access to marriage and divorce records may be restricted for a certain period until the event is finalized, usually to protect the involved parties' privacy.

Iredell County Birth and Death Records

Iredell County birth and death records are typically handled by the county register of deeds and the North Carolina Department of Vital Records. Per North Carolina state law, the only parties authorized to access vital records are:

  • Brother or sister
  • Spouse
  • Parent or step-parent
  • Grandparent
  • Child, step-child, or grandchild
  • Authorized party, legal representative, or attorney (upon presentation of proof at point of pickup).

The Register of Deeds provides an online database where researchers can search for a birth record by the name of its subject. For an actual image or copy of a birth record, a requester must visit the Register of Deeds office in person.

Similarly, the Register of Deeds provides a searchable online database for death records. Family members can obtain a certified copy of an Iredell County death certificate by completing the Iredell County Death Certificate Application Form. A requester is required to fill out the name, date of birth/death, names of parents, date of marriage, and the requester's name and address. Equally, one can order birth and death certificates online through the Records Request Website upon payment of a $10 fee.

Iredell County Probate Court Records

The Iredell County judicial system does not include a probate court. The Iredell County District Court typically handles all matters of probate, but older probate records are provided by the Iredell County Public Library.

Iredell County Property Records

The Iredell County Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining all records maintained for properties located within the county. Record-seeking parties may find land records created from 1788 until the present online. The Register of Deeds' office also runs a Property Check Program that allows interested parties to find plats, deeds, name certificates, and other related property documents on any searched name.

Property records can also be obtained in person at both offices of the Register of Deeds. Additionally, inquirers may perform a real estate search online using an owner's name, parcel number, or property address as search criteria. This website, offered by the County Assessor's Office, can also be used to find property sales and tax bill information.

Iredell County Court Records Online

There are limited official resources for online access to Iredell County court records. However, many third-party websites, like, may be used for this purpose. Records available on these websites are usually gathered from courts across various counties. As such, users can find court records from various jurisdictions on the same platform.

However, users may filter the search results by specifying the court with jurisdiction over the case of interest. The search parameters for these websites are the first and last names of a party to a case and the case number. However, users are required to pay a fee for access to records. The applicable fees usually depend on the search volume. Users are advised to verify acquired records with official sources.

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