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Moore County Arrest Records

In Moore County, North Carolina, arrest records provide information about situations where law enforcement officers in the county apprehend persons who are alleged to have committed crimes. These records contain the arrested individual’s information and information about the arrest. Moore County arrest records are not proof that the arrested person was charged with a crime or convicted; they only provide information regarding the arrest.

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is primarily responsible for generating arrest records in Moore County. Each of the municipal police departments also generates and maintains arrest records for incidents occurring within their respective jurisdictions:

Once an arrest is made, the individual is typically held at the Moore County Detention Center. The Sheriff’s Office oversees the operations of the detention center.

Note: Moore County arrest records may form part of other legal documents and records, including Moore County Court Records and criminal records. This is because they provide information that may lead to criminal prosecution.

Are Arrest Records Public in Moore County?

Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, Moore County arrest records are part of public records in the county. Therefore, interested members of the public have the right to access and obtain copies of arrest records.

However, this general rule is subject to certain exemptions. There are some records that are not subject to public disclosure. They include juvenile arrest records, certain personnel records, and records pertaining to ongoing investigations. Also, sensitive information such as social security numbers and medical records within arrest records are usually redacted to protect an individual’s privacy.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Public arrest records typically include the following information:

  • Detainee information - full name, date of birth, gender, physical description (e.g., height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc.)
  • Arrest details - date and time of arrest, place of arrest, arresting agency (Sheriff’s Office or local police department), and the name of the arresting officer(s).
  • The crime for which the arrest was made, and the law that provides for the crime.
  • Booking information - booking date and time, booking time, and mugshot.
  • Additional information (if any) - court information and arrest warrant.

Moore County Crime Rate

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Crime Statistics compiles an annual report of crime statistics for all counties in the state. In 2022, Moore County had a total number of 1,391 crimes reported. This number included 146 violent crimes and 1,245 property crimes. Violent crimes included four murders, 28 rapes, 20 robberies, and 94 aggravated assaults. Property crimes reported include 263 burglaries, 902 larcenies, and 80 motor vehicle thefts.

Moore County Arrest Statistics

According to the SBI Crime Statistics, in 2022, Moore County arrests were 13,257 arrests, with 60 violent crimes and 357 property crimes. There were five murder and nonnegligent manslaughter arrests, eight rape arrests, ten robbery arrests, and 37 aggravated assault arrests. Regarding property crimes, larceny led to 278 arrests, while there were 60 burglary arrests and 19 motor vehicle theft arrests.

Find Moore County Arrest Records

Moore County arrest and inmate information are available through county, state, and federal resources. The Moore County Sheriff’s Office maintains an inmate information portal that provides interested parties with access to information on persons incarcerated in the county detention. The portal may be searched by name, charge description, or number of days in detention.

In addition, the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections (NDAC) offers Public Offender Information/Offender Search for individuals currently incarcerated in state prisons. It may be searched by the offender’s name, inmate ID, or other identifying information.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) offers an inmate locator tool to locate individuals in federal custody. It may be searched by name or BOP number.

Free Arrest Record Search in Moore County

Members of the public may access Moore County arrest records and inmate information for free on the official government website, including:

Also, you may find third-party websites that offer free arrest record searches based on aggregated public information from various sources.

Note: Although third-party websites may provide useful information, the accuracy and completeness of such information cannot always be guaranteed. It is recommended to refer to official sources and be wary of websites that may charge hidden fees or ask for unnecessary personal information.

Get Moore County Criminal Records

Moore County criminal records are official records detailing information about a person’s criminal activities and convictions in the county. Record seekers may request copies of Moore County criminal records from the Moore County Clerk of the Superior Court and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (NCSBI).

Applications for Moore County criminal records may be made to the County Clerk of the Superior Court by completing the AOC-CR-314 form. The completed form, along with payment and a valid ID, should be submitted in person or by mail to the office with the address and contact details below:

Moore County Courthouse
Physical Address
102 Monroe Street
Carthage, NC 28327

Mailing Address
Moore County Courts Facility Building
P.O. Box 936
Carthage, NC 28327
(910) 722-5000

This service costs $25 per copy. If the request is made in person, the payment methods available include cash, credit cards, certified checks, or money orders. For mail requests, it is either a money order or a certified check.

Note: Criminal history checks done at the clerk’s office are name-based checks, which are not entirely reliable. For greater accuracy, fingerprint checks done with the NCSBIare are recommended.

The NCSBI does fingerprint criminal background checks at $14. To request a check, submit a fingerprint card and a completed Right to Review form in person or via mail to:

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Information and Identification Section
Attention: Applicant Unit - Right to Review
P.O. Box 29500
Raleigh, NC 27626-0500

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office provides Livescan fingerprinting services at $15 for residents. Call (910) 722-5000 for more information. The Sheriff’s Office address is:

Moore County Sheriff’s Office
Physical Address
302 S McNeil Street
Carthage, NC 28327

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 40
Carthage, NC 28327
Phone: (910) 947-2931
Fax: (910) 947-1668

Moore County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest records in Moore County records incidents where law enforcement officers arrested an individual. This information includes the personal information of the detainee and details surrounding the arrest. Arrest records do not necessarily indicate that a person has been charged or convicted of a crime; they only confirm that an arrest has taken place.

Criminal records, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive history of an individual's interactions with the Moore County criminal justice system. This information includes arrest records, criminal charges, trials, convictions, sentences, and conditions of probation and parole.

Arrest records form part of a criminal record, which provides a broader picture of a person’s legal history, including the outcome of charges and subsequent court proceedings.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

In North Carolina, arrest incidents remain part of a person’s records indefinitely. There is no automatic deletion or expiration of arrest information. Instead, the record is kept as part of the individual’s criminal history unless it is expunged by court order. Expungement is a legal process that removes certain arrests from a person’s record under certain circumstances, such as in cases where the charges have been dropped, or the person has been found not guilty. To obtain a court order of removal, individuals must petition the Superior Court and meet all eligibility requirements under North Carolina law.

Expunge Moore County Arrest Records

Expungement is the legal process of erasing record information that is eligible for erasure under North Carolina law from an individual’s criminal record. Hence, it effectively seals or erases them from the public view.

A person is eligible for expungement in the following circumstances:

  • A person was arrested, but the charges were dismissed or found not guilty.
  • A first-time offender with a non-violent misdemeanor or felony conviction.
  • Certain offenses committed by juveniles.
  • Certain non-violent misdemeanor and felony convictions (after a waiting period elapses and if there are no subsequent convictions).

The process of expungement in Moore County involves:

  • Visiting or contacting the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts or the Moore County Clerk of Court to obtain the requisite form (Petition and Order of Expunction).
  • Completing the petition with information about the arrest, charges, and case outcome that the petitioner seeks to expunge.
  • Gathering all relevant documents, including court orders, dismissal notices, or proof of not-guilty verdict.
  • Submitting the completed petition and supporting documents to the Moore County Clerk of Court.
  • Pay the filing fee. This may be waived if you demonstrate financial hardship.
  • Serve copies of the petition to the relevant agencies, including the Moore County District Attorney’s Office and the arresting agency, as required.
  • In some cases, you may have to attend a hearing session where a judge will review your petition and make a decision. We advise that you have legal representation during this session.
  • If the court grants the expungement, the records will be expunged, and the expunged records will no longer appear on background checks.

Moore County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or magistrate that authorizes law enforcement to apprehend a person suspected of committing a crime. In Moore County, arrest warrants are issued when law enforcement officers or prosecutors file a complaint or affidavit that provides evidence of probable cause indicating that the person committed a crime.

An arrest warrant is when:

  • There is sufficient evidence to charge someone with a crime.
  • A person fails to appear in court as required.
  • Someone violates the terms of their probation.
  • Further investigation reveals the involvement of an individual in criminal activity.

An arrest warrant in Moore County contains the following information:

  • The personal information of the arrestee, including name, address, and other identifying details.
  • A detailed description of the alleged crime, including specific charges and relevant statutes.
  • A statement explaining the evidence and reason(s) there is probable cause showing that the person committed the crime.
  • The name and signature of the judge or magistrate who issued the warrant.
  • The date the warrant was issued.
  • Any particular instructions or conditions under which the arrest should be made.

Moore County Arrest Warrant Search

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office maintains and serves criminal processes, including arrest warrants, within the county. Interested persons may find active warrants by contacting the Sheriff’s Office with the information below:

Moore County Sheriff’s Office
302 S McNeil Street
Carthage, NC 28327
Phone: (910) 947-2931

Do Moore County Arrest Warrants Expire?

Arrest warrants do not expire in Moore County. Once an arrest warrant has been issued, it remains in effect until it is enforced by the arrest of the named person or until the court revokes the arrest warrant.

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