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Onslow County Court Records

Court records in Onslow County encompass materials generated from legal proceedings. These records are preserved in various physical formats, including tapes, papers, maps, photographs, and emails. These include dockets, letters of appeal, summons, indictments, transcripts, and judgments.

In Onslow County, North Carolina, these records safeguard the public's rights, ensuring transparency and accountability within the judicial system. They also measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial branch, play a crucial role in educational research, and establish legal precedents that help guide future decisions.

Are Court Records Public in Onslow County?

Under North Carolina's Public Records Law, court records are classified as public property, thus ensuring their accessibility to the general public unless a law specifies otherwise.

For instance, records pertaining to medical malpractice claims against public hospitals are kept confidential, and juvenile cases are also shielded from public access. Section 132-1.4A of the public records law also restricts the public from accessing search and arrest warrants that law enforcement agencies have not returned. Moreover, sensitive information, such as financial statements and social security numbers, is not publicly disclosed.

Onslow County Court Records Search

An Onslow County court records search can be conducted through multiple avenues, such as by mail, in person, or online. Requests can be mailed to the relevant courthouse or made in person at the Superior Court Clerk's office, the official custodian of the county's superior and district court records.

Additionally, individuals can utilize online databases (paid and free) provided by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts to find case information or access court records through private websites.

Onslow County Court Records Search by Name

Individuals looking for Onslow court records can conduct a case number or name search. The name search involves providing the first and last name of a defendant, plaintiff, appellant, victim, or witness linked to the case, depending on the type of case. This search can be performed in person using self-service terminals in the Superior Court Clerk's office. Inquirers can also seek assistance from staff at the Clerk's office.

Generally, in-person name searches are free unless copies are needed. However, if a search requires substantial assistance or oversight from staff, the Superior Court Clerk's office may apply a labor charge along with the standard copy fee.

Onslow County Courts

Onslow County has a superior and district court. These courts hear cases at the following addresses:

Onslow County Superior Court
625 Court Street
Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540

Onslow County District Court
602 Anne Street
Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540

Onslow County Superior Court Case Search

The Superior Court in Onslow County handles felony cases, civil suits over $25,000, misdemeanor and infraction appeals from the district court, and complex corporate and commercial law issues.

To look up the court's cases in person, individuals can visit the local Superior Court Clerk’s office at 625 Court Street to view records at public access terminals or print copies. The Onslow County Superior Court Clerk's office can also be contacted at (910) 478-3600 for case record inquiries, or requesters can submit a written request containing sufficient details to identify the case record.

Note that copies cost a fee. For instance, the Clerk charges $2 for the first page and 25 cents per extra copy of plain (uncertified) documents. Other relevant costs can be obtained from the North Carolina judiciary's website.

Onslow County District Court Records

The Onslow County District Court handles a limited range of cases, including magistrate, civil (small claims), criminal, and juvenile matters. Case records generated by the court can be obtained in person at the local courthouse (public terminals are available) or by mail.

Note that a case number or party name will be needed to facilitate a search and obtain responsive records. Copy fees are charged.

Onslow County Criminal Records

Individuals seeking Onslow County criminal records, including Onslow County arrest records, should initiate their search at the local sheriff’s office.

Access to criminal records in Onslow is available to anyone under the North Carolina public records law, except where the law prohibits disclosure. For this reason, any member of the public can submit a public records request to the sheriff's office. They can also contact the sheriff's records unit at (910) 455-3113. The office may charge a fee to process copy requests.

Additionally, individuals with an Onslow criminal record can request their records from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (NCSBI) for $14. However, they must submit the request via mail using the Access to Criminal History form. More information is available on the NCSBI's Background Checks page, including details about conducting a criminal records check on others.

Onslow County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Onslow County criminal court case records can be obtained from the local superior or district court, depending on the court that heard the case. These records can be accessed at the self-service courthouse terminals or by direct inquiry to the Superior Court Clerk's office.

Also, the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) facilitates online remote access to criminal case records through its Remote Public Access Program (RPA). This program enables inquirers to explore records in real time or extract (for bulk data).

It is important to note that this service is not provided free of charge. For further details, researchers should refer to the fee schedule provided online for each type of service.

Also, certain criminal case information can be obtained online from the North Carolina judiciary's Legacy Services page.

Get Onslow County Civil Court Records

Residents of Onslow County have several options for accessing civil court case files. Generally, non-confidential civil case information can be accessed at public terminals in the Onslow County Superior Court Clerk's office. Those interested in inspecting paper copies of court case documents or needing additional case details can request assistance from the Clerk's office staff. One can also contact the Clerk's office at or (910) 478-3600 to find case record request procedures.

Civil case records that can be requested in Onslow County pertain to noncriminal cases heard in the county's superior and district courts, including property damage, family law issues, landlord and tenant disputes, civil traffic violations, and small claims.

Onslow County Family Court Records

Onslow County does not have a dedicated family court, but hearings related to family or domestic matters are handled in the county's district court. Like other court records in the county, family court records are generally considered public. However, certain records are restricted and can only be accessed by individuals involved in the case or having a court order.

To access Onslow County family court records, members of the public can use public access terminals at the Superior Court Clerk's office or request copies from the office. Additionally, individuals can submit a written inquiry via mail to acquire a court record. Below is the mailing address for all court record inquiries:

Onslow County Courthouse
625 Court Street
Jacksonville, NC 28540

A person can seek a family court record in Onslow for various reasons, including confirming a family court judge's decision, using it as evidence in legal proceedings, or as proof of certain court resolutions for legal transactions.

Onslow Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage (divorce) records in Onslow County are generally considered public records, except where access is restricted. Those seeking such records can contact, visit, or mail the Superior Court Clerk's office. The office should be queried for the relevant fees. At the same time, individuals can review current court costs on the NC judiciary's website.

Onslow County Marriage and Divorce Records

As mentioned, individuals can obtain Onslow County divorce records from the local Superior Court Clerk's office. However, Onslow County marriage records are part of Onslow County vital records, and access is governed by North Carolina General Statutes 130A-93. These records can be obtained in person at the Office of the Register of Deeds via mail, in person, or online channels.

A completed Vital Records Request Form, valid identification card (e.g., driver's license), and a $10 fee are needed to retrieve a certified copy of an Onslow County marriage certificate from the Register of Deeds. However, only eligible persons like the registrant, immediate family members, authorized agents or legal representatives, and parties seeking the records to legally determine personal or property rights can request Onslow marriage records. Payment can be made in cash, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or a local check. Card payments incur an additional 3% fee. In-person inquiries are at 602 Anne Street.

For mail-in requests, individuals must include the completed Vital Records Request Form, a photocopy of a valid ID, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a $10 fee in cash or money order (but cash is not recommended). Uncertified copies cost $1 each by mail. Each request should specify the subject's name, marriage date, and the number of certificates needed. Mail requests should be directed to:

Register of Deeds
109 Old Bridge Street
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Furthermore, individuals can request these certificates online through the Office of the Register of Deeds (by selecting the link under "Order Online").

Onslow County Birth and Death Records

Within Onslow County, birth and death records are classified as closed records, with eligibility criteria outlined in North Carolina General Statute 130A-9. Like marriage records, individuals can procure Onslow birth and death records from the Office of the Register of Deeds by mail, in person, or online (by selecting the link under "Order Online" on the Register's Records Requests).

Requesters must complete the office's Vital Records Request Form and submit it, along with a valid ID and $10 fee, to the Register. The Register of Deeds can be contacted at (910) 347-3451 for more inquiries.

Birth and death certificates are crucial documents for various legal purposes. Birth certificates serve as primary identification documents, and death certificates are often used for a decedent's estate settlement.

It is important to highlight that online access is not available for the birth certificates of adopted individuals. This rule underscores the privacy considerations surrounding such sensitive records.

Onslow County Probate Court Records

Probate cases heard in Onslow County include wills, administration of decedent's estates, and guardianships. The procedures for accessing Onslow County probate court records are consistent with those for obtaining other court records in the county. Interested parties can use in-person and mail channels provided by the Superior Court Clerk (who serves as the probate court judge). Regardless of the chosen order method, individuals typically require a case party's party or case number.

Probate court records are generally considered public, except those designated as confidential by law.

Onslow County Property Records

Onslow County property records encompass details about real estate in the county. These records are accessible online through the Onslow County Tax and Register of Deeds offices. Searches can be carried out using criteria such as a property owner's name, parcel number, or address.

In addition to online access, individuals can request property records by contacting the County Tax office or the Register of Deeds office.

Onslow County Tax Office
234 North-West Corridor Boulevard
Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: (910) 989-2200
Fax: (910) 989-5818

Onslow County Register of Deeds
602 Anne Street
Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: (910) 347-3451
Fax: (910) 347-3340

Property records typically contain information like the current owner's name, previous owners' names, historical value (if available), assessed values, purchase price, annual taxes, last sale date, building description, location, maps, and plats. It is essential for individuals planning to acquire a property to conduct thorough investigations into the property, ensuring informed decisions regarding their investment.

Onslow County Court Records Online

Third-party websites like are an alternative means for obtaining Onslow County court records online. These websites aggregate records from various sources, including court databases, and provide access to the public for commercial purposes.

The process for accessing court records may vary by website, with some requiring users to create an account or subscribe to gain access. The appeal of these sites lies in their user-friendly interfaces, often requiring minimal search parameters (such as an individual's name) to pull up search matches. Additionally, third-party websites are not geographically restricted; thus, they can offer a broader search. However, it is important to note that the information obtained might not always be up-to-date and should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

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