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Watauga County Court Records

In Watauga County, North Carolina, court records are official files and documents generated by county courts in the course of judicial proceedings. Some examples include motions, affidavits, orders, briefs, and transcripts. Access to these records promotes judiciary accountability and public transparency. They are considered necessary for legal education and historical references and are managed by the Watauga County Clerk of Superior Court. In keeping with North Carolina public record laws, these records are made accessible to interested members of the public upon request.

Are Court Records Public in Watauga County?

Yes. Court records are also part of the Watauga County Public Records. According to North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 7A-109(a), the public can view and obtain most records filed in the county courts. However, some court records are exempt from public disclosure if they violate a person's privacy or jeopardize their right to a fair hearing. Some examples of restricted records include:

  • Sealed indictments.
  • Attorney-client privileged information.
  • Records related to juveniles or minors in family law cases.

Watauga County Court Records Search

Interested persons may view and obtain Watauga County court records at the County Clerk of Superior Court's Office. This usually involves visiting the Clerk's Office in person during business hours or sending a mail request describing the records being sought. Alternatively, inquirers may perform a court record search online via databases maintained by the record custodian.

Watauga County Court Records Search by Name

Members of the public can conduct a name-based court records search by making in-person queries to the Court Clerk's office or using their designated online resources. Alternatively, the inquirer can write a letter describing the record sought and send a mail request to the Clerk's Office. Typically, the defendant's name is required to conduct a name-based search for criminal court records. However, the defendant's and plaintiff's names are usually required for civil cases.

Watauga County Courts

The North Carolina trial court system comprises Superior, District, and Business Courts. Watauga County Clerk of Superior Court is responsible for the Superior Court and District Court records. Their addresses and contact information are as follows:

Watauga County Superior Court
842 West King Street
Suite 13
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 268-6600
Fax: (828) 268-6601


Watauga County District Court
842 West King Street
Suite 13
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 268-6600
Fax: (828) 268-6601

Watauga County Superior Court Case Search

The Superior Court in Watauga County has the authority to hear criminal and civil matters within its judicial district. These include felonies, misdemeanors, and other minor offenses. The Watauga Superior Court also handles civil cases such as civil disputes involving more than $25,000, guardianship cases, probate, and estate administration.

To conduct a case search, visit the courthouse or the Clerk's office during business hours. Requestors may also use self-service terminals to view case records for free. However, fees may apply for obtaining physical copies of court records.

Watauga County Clerk of Superior Court
842 West King Street
Suite 13
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 268-6600

Watauga County District Court Records

Watauga County District Court is responsible for criminal cases like misdemeanors, felony pleas, infractions, municipal ordinance violations, and preliminary hearings for all criminal cases. The court also handles the following civil cases:

  • Civil claims of less than $25,000
  • Involuntary mental health commitments
  • Juvenile matters such as child abuse, emancipation, child neglect, and foster care
  • Appeals of county judgments and domestic violence protection cases
  • Domestic relations cases such as annulment, divorce, child support, and domestic violence protection.

Interested persons may obtain court records by visiting the courthouse or the Clerk's office during business hours. To access the records, requesters may need to fill out a request form at the records department and pay a fee.

Watauga County Criminal Records

Watauga County Criminal Records are available to the public. Interested persons may obtain these records by conducting a criminal record check with the Clerk of the Superior Court's Office. This service costs $25 per subject; fees are payable by cash, credit card, money order, or certified check.

Watauga County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Inquirers may search for Watauga County criminal court cases at the County Clerk of Superior Court's office. To do so, they must complete a written request containing the case number, defendant's name, attorney's name, or case filing date and address it to the Superior Court Clerk.

Get Watauga County Civil Court Records

Watauga County Civil Court Records are open to the public unless sealed. Some examples of civil cases heard in these courts include traffic violations, domestic or family issues, contract disputes, medical malpractice, and property disputes.

Civil court records in Watauga County can be accessed by visiting the Clerk of Superior Court or mailing a request to the office. To access hard copies of the record, one must make a written request to the Court Clerk who filed the case in the County.

Individuals who prefer electronic means can use the public access terminal at the County Clerk of Court's office. However, before searching for civil court records in the County, they must provide the details to facilitate the search. This information includes the type of court case filed, the case docket, or the index number to identify the record.

Watauga County Family Court Records

In North Carolina, family-related cases are heard at the District Court. These include:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Dependency allegations
  • Domestic violence
  • Abortion waivers
  • Emancipation
  • Parental rights termination
  • Commitments to mental health
  • Child custody and visitation rights.

Individuals may view or make copies of the family court record by visiting the district courthouse or the Clerk's office. There, requestors may use public terminals to view publicly available court records for free. However, persons who wish to obtain physical copies of court records must provide a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver's license.

Watauga Dissolution of Marriage Records

Individuals can obtain dissolution of marriage or absolute divorce records in Watauga County from the Clerk of the Superior Court's Office in person or via mail. The office will require the requester to apply for forms and request divorce case files in-person. However, one must include identification, authorization, or necessary form of proof with the request. A fee of $10.00 in the form of a check or money order is required to retrieve a certified copy of the divorce record.

Watauga County Marriage and Divorce Records

Watauga County divorce records are available from the Clerk of Court's Office, while marriage records are maintained by the Register of Deeds office. Interested persons can access Watauga County marriage records in person, online, and through mail. The Register of Deeds Office charges $10.00 per certified copy.

Register of Deeds
Watauga County Courthouse, Room 119
842 West King Street
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 265-8034

Divorce records are only available by visiting the Clerk's Office in person or sending a request letter by mail.

Clerk of Courts
842 West King Street, Suite 13
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 268-6600

Watauga County Birth and Death Records

The Register of Deeds Office is the primary custodian of Watauga County birth and death records. Individuals can obtain certified copies of these vital records online for $10.00 per copy. Alternatively, visit the Register of Deeds' Office in person during business hours to obtain birth or death records.

Watauga County death records are only accessible to immediate family members or legal representatives of the deceased. Requestors must provide a copy of a valid photo ID along with their application.

According to North Carolina Public Records Laws, vital records are accessible to the public. Anyone can view or get a copy of vital records through the right custodian's office. However, North Carolina law limits access to sealed copies of important documents, only available for identity verification purposes.

Watauga County Probate Court Records

Watauga County Probate Records are legal documents related to the handling of a deceased person's estate. The County's probate procedure resolves the deceased person's debts and assets. Probate Court heard cases where:

  • Disputes arise over a person's medical care
  • People want to change their names legally
  • Disputes arising out of a person's will.

To obtain Watauga County probate court records, visit the Clerk of Superior Court's Office during business hours. Administrative staff will require names, case numbers, or filing dates to process a search.

Watauga County Property Records

Watauga County Property Records contain information related to real estate transactions. These documents include ownership, deeds, taxation, and property assessments. The Register of Deeds maintains these records in Watauga County.

To access the land records in this office, individuals can search the Real Property Index or visit the Register of Deeds Office in person.

Watauga County Court Records Online

Watauga County Court Records are also accessible through third-party websites like These websites offer the convenience of being accessible remotely and having vast information across multiple jurisdictions in their database. However, third-party sites are not government-owned, so the records available may vary from official websites.

  • Criminal Records
  • Arrests Records
  • Warrants
  • Driving Violations
  • Inmate Records
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax & Property Liens
  • Civil Judgements
  • Federal Dockets
  • Probate Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Records
  • Business Ownership
  • Professional Licenses
  • And More!